About Us

We Love Delicious Foods

We bring you the foods which we love to eat. Every product has been carefully selected and is a favourite in our homes.

Our products are made by dedicated people in villages and towns in Armenia. Our masters use only

  • REAL apricots, figs, plums and persimmon;
  • REAL chocolate; and
  • REAL walnuts and marzipan.
  • A selection of tasty dried fruits and chocolates from artisan Armenian producers are available for order from us in small and large quantities. We also offer beautifully designed corporate gifts.

    Celebrate each day with a festive box of Arcolad dark chocolate coated dried apricots, plums or figs! For extra flavour and enjoyment pair them with a glass of Armenian brandy or your favourite muscat wine.


Arcolad Armenian Chocolatier

Arcolad is our favourite artisan chocolatier passionate about chocolate and dried fruits. They have come up with the best recipe for combining Belgian dark chocolate and hand picked Armenian dried apricots, plums or figs. For even more flavour they add walnuts or marzipan to the fruit. Arcolad's beautiful creations are simply irresistible and highly addictive. Try different combinations and write to us about your favourite.

Dried fruits

According to the legend apricots (latin name prunus armeniaca) originated in ancient Armenia. From there they migrated to the rest of the world. However they still taste the best in their land of origin. Our dried apricots from Armenia are the next best thing after the fresh fruit. For less sweet taste we recommend dried Victoria plums and for more sweet dried figs and persimmon. All natural, no sugar and no sulphates added. Healthy and yummy.



Arcolad chocolates are available in Dulwich Village and Herne Hill, London. We hope to offer on-line sales of our products very soon. Watch this space or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more news.

For postal or large orders please get in touch with us by email or phone.